Wednesday, April 9, 2014

REMINDER: Frayser Neigborhood Council Monthly Board Meeting

The Frayser Neighborhood Council's monthly board meeting will be held April 12, 2014 at 1pm at Union Grove Baptist Church.

See you there.

Frayser Neighborhood Council Presents: "Empowering Powerful Parents" Parent Summit & Community Resource Fair

Join us this Saturday from 10am to 2pm at Union Grove Baptist Church located at 2285 Frayser Blvd. for a Parent Summit and Community Resource Fair.

This fair is designed to empower parents/guardians, who live in the Frayser community and have children who attend a school in Frayser, seeking opportunities to improve their child's educational experience.  Additionally, childcare WILL BE provided for children over the age of three and lunch will be served.

Don't miss the chance to meet your neighbors, be empowered and learn how we all can lift our youth and promote positive educational experiences.

For more information about the Frayser Parent Summit and Community Resource Fair, please contact Sonya H. Smith at 901-237-1725901-237-1725.

Share this event with any friends, family, and/or neighbors in the Frayser community, like the Frayser Neighborhood Council on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay in the know.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Frayser Regains Large Grocery in Northgate Shopping Center

Discount grocer Gordin’s Foods & Butcher Shoppe, another cost-plus-10 percent grocer, is moving into space Kroger just vacated in Frayser’s Northgate Shopping Center.

Gordin’s asserts it can succeed at a location where the national grocery chain lost money because of lower overhead and lower prices that should draw more customers, co-owner Toby Gordin said Friday.

The goal is to open at 3226 Thomas on April 14.

As if demonstrating the cost-cutting approach, Gordon was busy repainting “spot boxes’’ himself when a reporter interrupted him Friday. Spot boxes are free-standing refrigerated containers that usually hold meat.

He and his father, Mike Gordin, own six Memphis-area Save-A-Lot groceries and their first Gordin’s Foods & Butcher Shoppe, which opened at 1781 S. Prescott, at Lamar, about a year ago.

Groceries with the ‘‘plus-10 percent’’ approach are a trend that started in Memphis with CashSaver.

“It’s a new concept coming into Memphis,” Toby Gordin said. “We list our retail at what it takes to get on the shelf and when you check out it’s 10 percent on top of that.”

Asked why he’s putting a cost-plus-10 percent operation in Northgate instead of a Save-a-Lot, Gordin replied, “We want to look at different formats. We experienced very good growth with our cost plus 10 percent out of the Prescott location and hopefully this will do the same thing.”

The Gordins are repainting the store inside and out, installing new shelving, new decor and other upgrades. He declined to say how much money they are investing in the space.

“Frayser has always needed a grocery store that’s got great pricing,” Toby Gordin said. “The neighborhood around us, it’s always been a great neighborhood. With Kroger coming out, we knew there would be a need for another grocery store.”

The grocery will employ 20 to 30 people; Kroger had employed 52 there when it closed.

Many of the products will be the same as non-discount grocers, Gordin said.

The nearest competitors are a SuperLo, less than two miles away at 3327 N. Watkins, and the Kroger at 2632 Frayser, at Range Line, about 3.5 miles from Northgate Shopping Center.

Kroger closed in Northgate on Feb. 18. Kroger had been losing money there for more than three years, company executives acknowledged.

A substantial grocer moving in behind Kroger so quickly is “very important” to Frayser, said Steve Lockwood, executive director of the Frayser Community Development Corp.

“I’ve always said Frayser is not a food desert. There’s a lot of knee-jerk stuff that as a low-income community this has got to be a food desert,” Lockwood said.

However, Kroger had been the only large grocery serving the west side of Frayser. Losing Kroger there “left us open to that description of ‘food desert.’ I’m obviously very tickled somebody is coming in,” Lockwood said.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

WREG News 3 Reports on Frayser 20/20 Progress Report

Frayser Setting Goals For Improvement

(Memphis) A group trying to revitalize the Frayser neighborhood gave its halfway report today and held a community reception afterwards.

The Frayser 2020 Quality of Life Plan is part of a nationwide initiative to transform neighborhoods by improving job opportunities, housing and reducing crime.
Memphis is one of four cities chosen to participate. Other cities include Flint, MI; Fresno, CA; and Milwaukee, WI.

The group said it surveyed those who live in Frayser and for the most part residents liked living there but want to see more improvement.

Shep Wilbun represents the group.

Wilbun said, “We are trying to find out who and what we are in Frayser. We’re trying to figure out where and what we want to become and then we’re trying to determine how to get there.”
U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen and Memphis Mayor A C Wharton attended today’s meeting at Promise Land Baptist Church.

If you missed today’s meeting, you can go to the organizations website to give your opinions at

Fox 13 new reports on Frayser 20/20 Progress Report

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (FOX13) - -
Neighbors in the Frayser community are coming together to share ideas as part of a nationwide push to better our communities.  It's all a part of President Obama's Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative to change struggling neighborhoods like Frayser for the better.

The area is one of eight neighborhoods across the country picked to be a part of this effort to improve communities from the bottom up by going to residents to identify problems and the best ways to tackle them.

"In many instances we are considered the worst of Memphis," Frayser 2020 Plan Site Director Shep Wilbun said, "We have three of the five crime hotspots the city has identified, we had the highest foreclosure rate of any neighborhood in Memphis, and we have over 1500 vacant houses."
But residents in Frayser say it's time to turn things around.

"We're here today to show where we've come from, where we are and to ask them to help us get ideas and solutions on how we can begin to get what works to transform Frayser," Wilbun said.
Community leaders are starting with identifying Frayser's biggest problems.

"Frayser has been a community that has suffered so much disinvestment, so much lack of involvement, it has all the issues that an urban inner city community faces," Wilbun said.
Community leaders are also learning from other communities.

"Just as folks downtown got together 20 years ago, downtown was a ghost town; five years ago, the Broad Avenue corridor, businesses were closed, shuttered, look at it now," Mayor AC Wharton said, "It all comes about when neighbors get together, that's precisely what they're doing here it does pay off."

Though the program is still in its early stages, residents say they already see a difference.
"With the council that's happening, I'm starting to see people getting together and caring about the community," Resident Vinessa Brown said, "They're taking everyone's ideas, putting it together, and it's growing."

"I love the fact that the council seems to reach out to the community to make decisions based on what they believe and what they feel, actually reaching out to the community and getting input from the different entities of the community," Frayser High School Teacher Ashleigh Jackson said.
They're all hoping to put those ideas toward federal grants to help build a better Frayser.
"It's a growing community, it's a beautiful community, and it's going to get better," Brown said.

Right now the Frayser Neighborhood Council is looking for input from residents to possibly seek out federal grants that could help them achieve those goals.
You can give your input here:

Read more:
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Frayser Community TV broadcast February 8, 2014

Frayser Community TV will like to thank our special guest this week Ms. Nicole Gates of Successful Single Moms and Ms. Wanda Taylor of Ladies In Need Can Survive (L.I.N.C.S.) for all the great work they are doing to help women in the Frayser community. Click here to see an informative show.

Frayser Community TV February 1st, 2014 broadcast

If you missed our last week Frayser Community TV broadcast on Comcast 31 here is your chance to hear from our special guest Shep Wilbun about the great progress that is being made with the Building Neighborhood Capacity Program and the Frayser Neighborhood Council. Click here.