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Frayser Neighborhood Council 2016 Election Results

Business Category – 1 Spot: Frederick Spencer – 123 votes

Community Based Organization – 2 Spots:

Craig Littles – 97 votesBarron Martin – 73 votesCynthia Pulliam – 76 votes

Resident – 1 Spot:

Col. Patricia Burnett – 47 votesKatrina Scott-Davis – 18 votesJames Herndon – 18 votesRuby Seals – 20 votesMichael Chase – 20 votes

Senior – 1 Spot:

Christine Grandberry – 123 votes

Youth – 1 Spot:

Alexander Boulton – 123 votes

The Frayser Neighborhood Council would like to thank everyone who came out to vote. Concerned and engaged citizens make strong, vibrant neighborhoods. Additional thanks to Union Grove for hosting the election and the 7P event.
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The following is a statement from Frayser Neighborhood Council President, Jerry Wilson:

No good work is ever completed with trial or heartache. As we look back at 2015, we see a year marked by strife and division. Not only for our community, but also for this Council. Since being elected in July of 2015, the Frayser Neighborhood Council has been rebuilding, repairing, and resetting in preparation for doing all we can to support this community.

To that end we are proud to say that we as a Council and Frayser as a whole are now positioned to move forward toward substantial progress. The Frayser Neighborhood Council is meeting as always every 2nd Saturday of each month at Ed Rice Community Center. Our next meeting will be Saturday, February 13th @ noon. We would love to see you there so you can share with us how we can best serve your interests. 

Additionally, we would like to invite you to join us at our official Installation Ceremony. It will be held Saturday, February 20th @ noon at 3306 Overton Crossing St. It represents a great opportunity to meet the members of the Exe…

Frayser Neighborhood Council 2015 Election Results

Resident category-3 spots: 
Patrice Gillespie- 28 votesBobbie Henderson- 119 votesJoseph Jenkins- 15 votesPearlie Richardson- 30 votesDavid Vinciarelli- 17 votesErserline Watson- 99 votesTa'Quinta Williams- 47 votesCarrie Wright- 130 votesYouth category- 2 spots
Tristan Jackson- 68 votesJermesha Matthews- 133 votesLaTesha McLaughlin- 51 votesValricka Mitchell- 121 votes
Community Based Organization category- 1 spot Sharon Fields- 72Debra Lovelace- 147 votes
Business category- 1 spot Anne Thomas- 37 votesJerry Wilson- 169 votes

Frayser Neighborhood Council- 2015 Election Candidates

Resident category Joseph Jenkins, Jr.  Carrie M. Wright  Erseline Blanks-Watson Bobbie Henderson Ta’Quinta Williams Pearlie Richardson David Vinciarelli                                      Patrice Gillespie                                       
Community Based Organization category Sharon Fields                                           Debra Lovelace                                                Business category Jerry Wilson
                                             Anne Thomas                                                    
Youth category Tristian S Jackson Jermesha Matthews LeTesa McLaughlin Valricka Mitchell

Education in Frayser

The Frayser Neighborhood Council is committed to doing its part to ensure all students in the Frayser Community get a high quality education that provides them the opportunity of being successful in college, career, and their community. To that end we want to push accountability and transparency on all the schools (SCS, ASD, SCS Charters, ASD Charters, and Private Schools) in our community by empowering and supporting parents to help make the decisions that they feel are best for their children.

Construction at Denver Park Going on Now

Content taken from The Memphis Flyer newspaper
by Chris Shaw:

A neighborhood park that was once rife with crime and gang activity will soon be safe again for children to play, thanks to a partnership with the city of Memphis, the Memphis Police Department (MPD), and the Denver Park Neighborhood Association.

Deborah Lovelace has lived in Frayser's Denver Park neighborhood for years, and the park near her home, also called Denver Park, has been an eyesore for most of that time. After being nominated president of the Denver Park Neighborhood Association, Lovelace began dreaming up ways the community could improve the park.

Lovelace admits that before the police and community got involved, the old park wasn't a place she wanted to be.

"It was just kind of a secluded hole in the wall for crime," Lovelace said."People were in there just kind of hanging out and doing drugs, and other people would be threatened with violence by gang members if they tried to use the par…